Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's Cool To Know Nothing.

So. Today I laid down $500 for what may be the best bike ever made. I'm feeling pretty darn good about that transaction. Here is a post-script (nearly verbatim):

Nicole plays the part of the "Ignorant Customer."
Cameron plays the role of the "Knowledgeable Bike Enthusiast."
The Bicycle Merchant plays the role of the "Dude."

Act 1: Scene 1;

Knowledgeable Bike Enthusiast and Ignorant Customer walk into local Bike Mercantile.

Knowledgeable Bike Enthusiast: "What about this one?"

Ignorant Customer: "Too... mmm... metaly?"

Knowledgeable Bike Enthusiast: "This one, oh, that's a good deal."

Ignorant Customer: "That one has no brakes!"

Knowledgeable Bike Enthusiast: "It's a Fixie."

Ignorant Customer: "What did you call me?"

Knowledgeable Bike Enthusiast: "It's when you... oh... nevermind. That one is....... *shudders*........ shiny."

Ignorant Customer: "I want it. Give this guy this wad of monies... which bike is it?"

Dude: "Can I help you with something?"

Ignorant Customer: "Gimme a bike." *throws monies at Dude, like a common whore*

Knowledgeable Bike Enthusiast: "What she means is she would like a street bike, I think this one would be good for her".... says unintelligible words regarding bicycles... "What do you think?"

Dude: "Yeah, this one has been re-done completely with quality parts"... something... "salsa"...

Ignorant Customer: "Salsa? I'll take it!" *Throws more money, this time in the air*

Knowledgeable Bike Enthusiast: "Just... give her the bike."

*Ignorant customer nods furiously, grabs bike and rides off down Burnside*

That's the general idea. I think the bike is rather... solid... metaly. Lots of little metal bits and things. Very technical, I know... But the point is I'm in love, and you NEVER question love.

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