Thursday, October 23, 2008

Did I just create a 'blog'?

Indeed. I did. This will be great! (famous last words of.. well, probably a lot of morons.)

So first off on this thing I would like to set a few ground rules... I like to run my life by the following:

1. Safety
2. Teamwork
3. Solutions
4. Burgerville
5. Oasis

I feel these are very important to a balanced life and, if used in that order, can MAKE you live your life to it's full awesomeosity. I cannot emphasize MAKE enough... or AWESOMEOSITY.

Now for my campaign promises, to win you over as avid readers. I promise:

1. nude photos (not necessarily of me... or people that know I am taking their picture.)
2. Awesome stories... I live in Portland and work at the Buffalo Exchange, shit happens. Funny shit. Just sit and wait... seriously, just wait.
3. My opinions. You know you want em!
4. Health care reform. (I'm still working that one out.)

Alright, stay tuned!

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